Wooden Gift Boxes in Dubai

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Al Zaytoon Boxes has state of art facility in Dubai and China ( yiwu) we are an Customized manufacturer for gift boxes for gift items, packing, chocolates and dates, foodstuff, and for all the needs, we can customize wooden boxes, paper boxes, grey board boxes, leather boxes, PVC boxes, any type of boxes and we can Customize. so, if you are looking for gift boxes, VIP boxes, wooden boxes, customized boxes, Dubai VIP boxes, and leather boxes this is the right place.

To order a gift box we do have ready-made standard sizes and we can customize boxes as well. The gifts we provide can be customized to match different occasions or to serve an event or theme.

Customized Printing and Branding services are available for all gifts with local and international delivery services in UAE and GCC.

Customized Gift boxes are also available, we can customize the box to match and fit your gift and print or stamp your company logo or event details on the box, our boxes are made in our workshop by the hands of professionals and designed by creative designers.

Check Out our collection of gift boxes, we can customize all the types of boxes that you need, chocolate boxes, food stuff boxes, wooden boxes leather boxes, and all types of boxes, just tell us the specs of the box you need and we will customize it for you.

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For more information on our products, please get in touch with our sales team.

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